The sound of a dark circus that is at the same time light and fun, a solo recording artist who combines driving rock with whimsical melodies..  "Bouncy fun rarely mixes with dark and disturbing, yet that's what Edgar Allan Joe has achieved... does not sound like everything else"  (October 2011 / Larry Oppenheimer). 

See the visual expression of this dark circus and spooky, in your face, unusual storytelling (music videos of "The Show" and "The Angry Man Rules the Room") on the music video page.

Utilizing his long background of music and dance, Edgar Allan Joe released his first CD titled "Yourself & Others" in 2010, and second CD "Edgar Allan Joe" in  2012.  His latest music video for "The Angry Man Rules the Room" was shot in breathtaking color at The House on the Rock, and premiered Halloween 2012.