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Something Sweet

* GREAT! The instrumentation takes your mind directly to horror movie classic soundtrack territory, the vocals court you and pull you in, then the guitars and rest of the song slices your ears off - brilliant!

* Martin Atkins has worked with/on: Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Public Image Ltd, Killing Joke, Pigface, Damage Manual, Murder Inc, Invisible Records.


* This is a really good rock song. The lyrics are great. I could hear this playing on rock radio right now as well as crossing over. It's also a good song for music licensing. It paints a pretty vivid picture. I would submit this for shows I am music supervising... a believable voice.

*Doug Beck has worked with/on: Janet Jackson, Anastasia, Jewel, Shania Twain, Pink, Brandy, Usher, Nikki Cosa, New Order, Britney Spears, Crystal Method, Ricky Martin, Baha Men.

The Crazy

* "Has a genuine vibe / feel.. vocal performance compliments the instrumental performance seemlessly... good chemistry.  If you appreciate the sound of rock icons Weezer, Everclear and Elvis Costello, you will certainly dig Yourself & Others' genuine blend of American Guitar Driven Hard Rock complimented by inspired vocals and catchy melodic hooks."

*Dave Hnatiuk has worked with/on: ABC Sports and TV, FOX TV, MTV (Jersey Shore, Real World, Skins, America's Best Dance Crew), Verizon Wireless, Doritos, Merchant Ivory Productions, Sony Pictures, New Line Cinema.

The Show

*What a great song! It's fun at the same time that it's dark and twisted. Gotta love it. The carny atmosphere is really done well, between the filtered vocal snippets, the calliope sound, and the snatches of circus themes. And all of that is married into a hard-hitting rock sound. Definitely a very original approach, and one that would play well on somebody's iPod or on Pandora.

The Show does not sound like everything else, and that says a lot right there. Bouncy fun rarely mixes with dark and disturbing, yet that's what Yourself and Others has achieved here. Boasting both atmosphere and driving groove, The Show bears up to listening over and over again. I now know that myself and others will definitely enjoy Edgar Allan Joe!

* Larry Oppenheimer has worked with/on:LucasArts (Star Wars and Indiana Jones videogames), Escape From Monkey Island, James Bond: Everything or Nothing, "Vampire Hunter D", "Thin Blue Line", "Bump in the Night", "Gumby", "Amazonia", "Liquid Television", Grateful Dead.